Karl's Museum 2004
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Finished solid oak Glass top Fossil table, 14 inches deep x 6 foot long To order one, email to alert1@cyberstreet.com or fireplum42@yahoo.com


Hurricane's Charlie & Francis and then Jeanne hit us in a 6 week period!
It has been 44 years since Desoto county has been hit this hard
Only thing left to do is............after weeks of cleanup is to go diving for fossils!!!

080104: Both these points were sticking strait up out of the sand,
darn-it when pulled out they were both broken.

052204: Went to the river again, found 8 more points in same area as before. Warm water and clear sky's
What could be better than that.
And Why is it that no else ever finds anything on the river when you ask them?
They just say....."Oh, we found just one broken one".....riiiiiigggght.


043004: Dive trip to N Florida, rainy weather and a few lightning strikes did not scare away the hunt, we found 9 points
 and a few big blades. About 30 fossil horse teeth and other fossils. The big serrated Kirk was lying out on the flat limestone bottom.

010104: Diving trip on the first day of the year, the water was dark & cold but we managed
to pull out a few nice points. Including a real nice resharpened Suwannee. Kim & Jason's

Jason Sandoval:    The Shark Connection web site

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