Karl's Museum 2000
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Finished solid oak Glass top Fossil table, 14 inches deep x 6 foot long To order one, email to alert1@cyberstreet.com or fireplum42@yahoo.com

2000, Dec 16  river trip-very cold. Nice Red Arredondo & 2 real nice Bolens.
Same shoal on Suwannee river, found even more good stuff

Museum: Found 2 Atlatle weights in river on 2 different dates, they ended up as 2 halves of one.

2000 December 1st: found 15 points in all. A really nice Hernando and a Chipolla
Suwannee river, found a new spot- nice shoal loaded with fossils and points

Some close ups of Museum, and the best dog ever......."Rusty".......saying....lets go!!!

2000 August: River trip, found 44 points in 3 days...from the Santa Fe and Suwannee rivers
Kim found the biggest Simpson ever, then found a Suwannee even bigger.
1st all points 3 days, 2nd Santa fe HH, 3rd all, 4th Suwannee river HH, while Kim was in the shower- 30 minutes hunting-right by the cabin.
she was so mad at me. 5th all, 6th Suwannee river last dive crack, 20 min x 11 points


2000, 4th of July show, great weather and sunset- best show ever.

Fantasy Island in Tampa bay


13 points from one area   Atlatle weight   Bone pin   Ralph and DJ- Are we having fun yet???  


2000 June: Santa Fe river trip,  found many new rare items, lots of fossils and points.
Found a spot the locals told me to go to, then a fishermen was there, stated "dive right in, and push the fish over to me"
So I did, and went straight to the bottom and found a perfect bolen right off....below left.

Points on bottom of river

2000 May: One spring trip to the Santa Fe river in Florida

Killer points this season, Atlatle spike and knife handle

River trip to N Florida, found a 3-3/4 Simpson, a Kirk knife and a Florida Adena.- all in one day.
Trying the Santa fe farther south, then found a killer Simpson in the Suwannee river

2000 Spring finds, baby mammoth tooth and two larger teeth. Giant Armadillo jaw/teeth.

This is the new case built for the den, already full

River Trip in march 2000, Found most of these items in on spot- 3'x 8'

Middle is a Atlatle Spike with tally marks, does anyone know what the 2 out side bones are?

Case's of points found around Florida

In the middle is a antler knife handle, and rt. is a case of bone pins, And mammoth teeth

Left is some misc teeth, A wood arrow tool?, and the only weather we got from Hurricane Floyd.

January 2000: Found killer point in the Peace River, 3.5" Long & Perfect, white corral spot on tang & black and blue....
I jumped in when the water was high and dark, reached down to my honey hole I go to every year-
and immediately picked up a blade- and said #$%^&*!!!.....5 minutes in the water.


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