Karl & Jenna's Museum 2011
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 052511: Peace river recon, Bison vertebra, Mastodon, Horse teeth, antler and a few megs

052311: Kim found a great Mastodon tooth and other good stuff.

051711: Found more at the same place, megs, one huge deer antler and whale vertebra, and a Mammoth vert.
Water came down and cleared up already from the monsoon.

051411: Found all this in one dive, 8 Whale vertebra, 30 horse teeth, one Mastodon tooth, one Mammoth tooth, 4 partials......
Sharks teeth, skull and upper jaws of a deer and a Sloth tooth......nice day out.

Underwater photos, gravel patch with fossils

051411: River dive, a really-really good day.....thanks to a dive club, I rerouted my dive, did some exploring....
and brought back 60 lbs of fossils.

032711: Ready to ride.......

032711: Found 4 Mammoth teeth in one spot, three babies and one large tooth

032711: Awesome beach and deep 25 foot hole.......here-gator-gator.

032711: Lots of goods, teeth, sunglasses, bison, horse, nice big perfect meg.
Found 3 nice baby mammoth teeth and a larger tooth with roots.
The large tooth was laying right out in the open under a inch of sand.....dusted it off and WOW.

032511: River dive and recon, Mammoth tooth, Horse and a Beaver.

032111: Found a Gator snapper by mistake, I was pulling on his head thinking it was a fossil up under a log, until......

032111: Gator sunning

032111: Canoe trip with Canoe Outpost, the bestest canoe livery in the world.

030611: Rare ice bow around the sun....

030611: River run north, testing out the new electronics

010511: River run, cold but good colors

Finished solid oak Glass top Fossil table, 14 inches deep x 6 foot long To order one, email to alert1@cyberstreet.com or fireplum42@yahoo.com

You can no longer remove artifacts from Florida rivers.
But you can remove fossils with a fossil permit from the state.

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