Kim & Jason's Museum
03/11/09 08:05:38 PM

You can no longer remove artifacts from Florida rivers, so you have to go elsewhere now.
But you can remove fossils with a fossil permit from the state.

Killer beach drill. niiiice

Some more nice stuff, but not as much.

Kim and Jason's finds, real nice Simpson

Every divers dream, what a haul.

The finished Museum, lots and lots of shark stuff.

Does he even see mama behind him?.......probably not, he's gloating about the bone

New Shark Museum under construction, lots of love and labor went into this carport turned museum, will be done in near future.

Kim and Jason had a really good day, even in cold dark water.

Kim had a really good day.....look at that point!!!!
And found it right where my feet were!

Just minutes before the big Mammoth charged at them, Jason's friend found a big leg bone......

Kim and Jason's stuff from the morning dive. Beginners luck........

Look at that killer Tallahassee, Jason's first time out.

Some photos of finds from last trip

Part of Kim's River finds in the Museum

Shoal under attack........well, moms really just stumbling around acting like a predator.

Kim's trip to the creek, nice Meg and other fossils.

Rain & lightning and one last Mega Fauna ended a good dive in river.
Lots of fossils and a big portion of a pottery bowl.

Latest two trips from this spring

Groups of points from past two years

Nice points..............that's niiiiiiiccce

Kim found this shell Gorget on the beach.

Kim found a killer Hernando, she has a knack at finding the best of points.

Went to the Santa Fe river, rented a nice house.

Grove points insitu

Kim found a awesome red Wassissa point, and a nice bolen

Sandy & Kim ready to dive, almost......

Kim killing the bail of hay, throwing the Atlatle. It never did walk again!

1860 beer bottle from the civil war era, found in the mangrove muck, Kim is so lucky sometimes.



Kim's Super Bolen and 2 Paleo's found on the same day!

Getting ready for the dive on the river, that's nice.................

From August and July River trips, look at the super Bolen in the fourth pic, very nice indeed. And the little amber Pinellas in the 2nd.

These are from Desoto County, I think she goes out the night before and plants all these nice points so she can find them the next day. I wonder..........


Points found in Florida Rivers, Orange Groves and Beaches. This isn't a hobby, it's an obsession.......

The tall point on the left is from the Lewis's secret dive hole in the river, which is guarded by a 14 foot gator trained to be very hungry about the time you might slip in the area. The point right end is about 5 inches long and shoots around corners.

Kim's Snook and catfish.

Live Long and Prosper.