Karl & Jenna's Museum 2007
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100107: All done with our new den-museum

091707: Almost done with wall

2007: Rock wall on porch with a layer of fossils embedded in middle.


092607: Look what your glorious US Postal Service did to our Nebraska fossils
And it was insured, the bastards tossed it all the way from Nebraska to Florida
Busted it all up, tore open the box and then they would not cover one dime!
It was insured!!!!!
well that's Arcadia for ya!!!




100307: Some of the last points found in wash area of sand pit, wash was running thru the middle of old habitation site
and the points were just laying right there to be picked up after each days pumping.
We pulled a rake through the loose sand and "clink"- an arrowhead!
Then the pit reorganized the layout and operations which stopped the great artifact hunting...........


093007: Sand pit Points, all in 30 minutes, 4 broken and 2 sweet points found by Jenna Lewis

Below is 6 days in the Nebraska badlands, on a ranch close to the High Plains Homestead- Frank Garcia Expeditiary

High Plains Homestead

Our first day we found a cave between two valleys

Expedition leader Frank Garcia showing us a great find..........made of paper!

First night at the Cook Shack Restaurant

My beautiful wife Jenna Lorenn Lewis

Ready to go............and Mike the Owner of the HPH

Valley of the Kings..........king of fossils that is..............fossils everywhere.

Jenna's Oreodont found jaws up-exposed, in excellent condition, her first!

Getting it out................

Kim's Horse, plastering for shipment.

The Cook Shack Rest. and Drifter Saloon

After dinner social, and frank being frank.

Owners Mike and Linda

Sport Ball........The game, of course Frank won!

The whole gang.......

Ready for another day?

We found a cave that goes from one valley to the next valley.

The Bad Lands of NE Nebraska

All those Turtles going to waste...............

Beautiful purple knife, lying at bottom of cliff

Looking for fossils and a beer!

Jason found two Oreodonts laying together, criss-crossed.

Look at Sandy's perfect arrowhead, found it the last day

Franks cat skull...................well that's what he says anyway, he he

Kim's horse, fully articulated and together.......niiiice

092407: Jenna's fossils from Nebraska ranch
more to come!!!!

082707: Some field points at a sand pit, all washed out from the rain.

Jason and his 1st 6 incher, and the Capt.'s 6 3/4 meg

Karl's 1st 6 incher

Kim and Jason's Mega dive

Mega Dive June 30th, 2007

Look at that!!!.....five fossil trips and a ton of stuff to show off.

052407: Horse Creek finds: megs and really nice gator jaw, osteoderms and some other bones, down in the clay bottom.



042407: Peace River expedition, Lots of fossils from the river, all from one spot a 100 sq feet.

041507: Almost done loading the new table.



041207: River Dive, found some really good stuff, bison jaws, megs, horse teeth, mammoth teeth, mastodon teeth, camel jaw and more.
We took a 2 day camping trip that turned into a 4 day because the water was so low, we had to portage a 14' Jon boat for a mile to get back to deep water. But the trip was worth it- lots of good stuff and found 2 more killer spots.

Jenna's 1st field point, we were talking about finding nothing and she looked over 30 feet away and ran- "point!!!"

032507: sand pit, Really nice little point, knife and pottery too.

Some competition in the field?

Horse creek dive- few and far between....




032507: The Jaws mostly restored and other good stuff

Old Phosphate mining along the river, look!.....the old post still have pine bark on them??

Large Bob Cat just sitting on the shore watching us.....



032407: River dive, some Megs- a big gator right beside me(8-10 feet)...made me wet myself!



031807: Sand pit, lots of good stuff. look at that point- it was lying in a tractor track, and Bill W. found awesome knife.

031507: New Fossil Table under construction, solid oak and 12" deep by 7' x 3.5 feet.....nice

031407: Field points by mom, look at that citrus!!!

020707: working on the Mastodon jaws
gluing and butvar the pieces back together


020207: Sand pit
No points but a lot of exercise.....and material


012807: Field points
Walked the same area, found 150+ flakes and three broken points


010707: Field points

01-07-07: Went to a sand pit, walked the stripped surface, found an old habitation site, and found two points.
The first was a lever-right, the second was a Nice coral pink point laying flat out.


You can no longer remove artifacts from Florida rivers, so you have to go elsewhere now.
But you can remove fossils with a fossil permit from the state.


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