Sandy's Museum

Sandy found the smallest arrowhead ever- in Nebraska

River trip, one really nice Saber Cat tooth

Trip to a shell pit in South Florida

Sandy's Hernando, almost a killer

Some stuff from the Museum

Checking out the scene, water too cold!

Some of Sandy's latest trips to the creeks, rivers & pits.

The largest Caladiums on the planet!

Shelling trip to S Florida.

Stuff from this past two months

Sandy's Museum, and the Armadillo that guards it.

Sandy's recent shell pit trip, and vertebra.

11-06-01 Sandy stepped out of the boat to tie it up and guess what?........Big old Greenbrier right in the sand.

Sandy's the proud owner of an original Dean Quigley painting.

Latest trip to rivers, Kim and mom trying to get there gear on.



Mom's killer point and the Mammoth jaws

Mom found a killer point in the peace, she grabbed me by the leg and said "guess what I found over there", pointing to the middle of the river. From her excitement at 1st I thought it was a gator .

In the past four years Mom has found more than her fair share of Fossils and stuff. On her first trip out she drove up to a creek and stepped right down to the water, and guess what? found an entire MAMMOTH!!!


Friend Steve helps with setting the teeth back into the jaws. She has promptly filled a entire room full of fossils and artifacts, and now even has a prep room to get all those little pieces together. Day after day all we ever hear is........" Come and look what I put together today.......come LOOK at my BONES!"


Mom found several nice points on the last trip, a perfect Hernando, and a base of a Bull Tongue Simpson, several broken points and fossil bones, a huge antler, and 40 or so bone pins.


Moms big Newnan on the left, gosh I bet she tripped over it and fell.

Friend Dale found the Bolen point on the right.



Mom landed a great Jack on this trip 10,000 Islands area, and Moms big snook, 41 INCH and 20LBS.